Interstate 15 – San Bernardino to Barstow – California

Drive America’s Highways for 53 miles north along Interstate 15 from San Bernardino to Barstow, California.

We start the video merging onto I-15 from Interstate 215 in San Bernardino. Driving north, we soon climb up the Cajon Pass to enter the town of Hesperia. Continuing through Apple Valley and Victorville, we soon leave urban sprawl behind.

After a few miles, we start seeing signs of civilization again as we reach the fringes of Barstow. We end the video at the first Barstow exit, exit 175, where we pull off for a fuel stop.



  1. Milton Callan

    We are driving to Vegas tomorrow, so I will cut across the Santa Clarita Valley and get on the 15 from Rt 18 at Victorville. Can't wait!

    • Interstate 411

      Man, a day early. That video (Barstow to NV) posts Friday and NV to Vegas on Monday.

  2. Millicent Nicholson

    Not lying, that Sun shot at 3:02 looks like the gateway to Heaven opened, never saw the β˜€ that big. Mega Sun, nice shot/video.

    • Interstate 411

      Thanks much!

  3. David Kruse

    Did this drive countless times! I miss the 15 in California! Live in the East now. Thanks for posting!

  4. Interstate 411

    I love cajon pass πŸ™‚

  5. Roe Visser

    Just A Girl

  6. Roe Visser

    Blink 182
    The Way You Are

  7. Roe Visser

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