? Drive America’s Highways for 7.5 miles east along the historic mother road from Albuquerque to Tijeras, New Mexico. ?️

We start the video at the intersection of Central Ave and Tramway Blvd on the eastern fringes of Albuquerque. Driving roughly parallel with Interstate 40, we make our way east out of Albuquerque over the Sandia mountains.

After crossing I-40 for the second time, we reach the “Musical Highway” where if you drive 25mph over a stretch of road, “America the Beautiful” can be heard. We didn’t include the ‘music’ because the microphone on the gopro really isn’t all that great to begin with and the quality was poor.

Entering Tijeras, we continue east through the intersection with NM-337 for about a half mile before reaching the entrance ramp to I-40 in Tijeras where we end the video merging onto I-40.

Want to see this route westbound? Click here.



  1. Mark Smith

    I am so glad I found your channel! I have enjoyed all of your videos! I especially enjoy all of your Route 66 videos! Mark in Iowa.

    • Interstate 411

      Thank you so much.Make sure you check out our website at https://interstate411.us for exclusive content, photos of our journeys, and more!

  2. Milton Callan

    Nice! I can't always get good results to play the song. Several times it was just too windy, or so cold I didn't want to open the windows. I hope you had better luck than I did.

    • Interstate 411

      I heard it fine, but the yakking kids in the back seat made it rather difficult to hear 🙂