Historic Route 66 – Santa Rosa – New Mexico

Drive America’s Highways for 4 miles west along the historic Route 66 in Santa Rosa, New Mexico ?️

We start the video merging onto Will Rogers Dr (Route 66) at the US-84 / Interstate 40 interchange east of Santa Rosa. Driving west along the historic highway, we soon cross another interchange with I-40 before entering Santa Rosa Proper. Just past I-40 lies the Santa Rosa Blue Hole and the rest of the old business district. We soon come to the intersection with NM-91 before turning more northwest at the intersection with US-54. We end the video merging back on to Interstate 40 west of Santa Rosa.

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  1. Milton Callan

    For anyone interested, the Best Western Motel on the north side of the street is an exceptional bargain. It is super clean, fantastic beds, and very reasonable. I went there the first time because the Holiday Inn across the street was full, but went back several more times as my first choice.

    • Interstate 411

      Thanks for that! I'm planning another Route 66 adventure to pickup the places I've missed along the way (not many left west of Springfield) and in doing so am looking at different places to stay along the route, so this fits perfectly. Thanks again

  2. lizzard71

    At 1:24 is the Rio Pecos Truck Ranch on the left I have read it is going to be rebuilt as a tourist stop.Good video, thanks.

    • Interstate 411

      That's a good thing! Need more of those along the route if it's going to survive

    • Interstate 411

      I've often wondered what life is like in these small towns in NM

  3. MrCharollas

    I was feeling homesick and took a virtual cruise through my hometown.

    • Interstate 411

      You can always slow the video down by clicking the cog in the player. πŸ™‚

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