? Drive America’s Highways for 18 miles north along Arkansas Highway 365 from Maumelle to Conway, Arkansas

We start the video turning onto AR-365 from AR-100 north of Maumelle, Arkansas. Continuing west, we soon reach the Palarm Creek area where the highway turns north towards Mayflower and Conway.

Entering Mayflower, we are paralleled by Interstate 40 to the east as we make our way through town, passing the southern and northern intersections with AR-89 before leaving town just across the Lake Conway bridge.

Driving north, we pass through the Gold Creek area and another crossing of Lake Conway before entering Conway itself just south of the AR-60 interchange. Continuing on AR-365 through Conway, we pass intersections with Robbins Street, Bruce Street, and College Ave before ending the video at the intersection with U.S. Highway 64 / Oak Street in downtown Conway.

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