Drive America’s Highways for 13 miles north along US-67 from Walnut Ridge to Pocahontas in Arkansas

We start the video merging onto US-67 from an interchange with US-67 and US-412 northeast of Walnut Ridge. Driving north, we pass through farmland interspersed with the occasional industrial complex as we make our way to Pocahontas.

At Pocahontas, we end the video at a stoplight with AR-304.

Drive this route southbound



  1. アイルトンセナ

    Over there, good luck. ..(o^-・)b グッ!

  2. Elizabeth Chap

    The starting point is at Pocahontas. Weirdly named town in the state of Arkansas. It must belong to the movie Pocahontas.

  3. Milton Callan

    Christmas lights in April? Love to drive at this time of day.

    • Interstate 411

      More like January. In fact, it was the day before the shutdown.