U.S. Highway 67 – Searcy to Walnut Ridge – Arkansas

Drive America’s Highways for 79 miles north along US-67 from Searcy to Walnut Ridge in Arkansas

We start the video turning onto US-67 (Future Interstate 57) from AR-36 in Searcy. Driving northeast, we pass through Judsonia before turning east for a few miles at Bald Knob where US-167 and US-64 end their concurrency with US-67..

Turning northeast again after Bald Knob, we pass through Bradford and then cross the White River as we make our way into Newport. Just past Newport, we turn east for a few more miles before resuming a more north-northeast route to Hoxie. At Hoxie, we cross the interchange with US-63 before heading into Walnut Ridge to end the video at the interchange with US-412.




  1. Elizabeth Chap


  2. CarolinaBoi843

    While I enjoyed this entire video, the last few minutes were especially wonderful. Perfect combination of landscape, sky, moon, and music. No place like the South.

  3. case139

    Can't wait for the future I-57.

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