U.S. Highway 67 – Searcy to Walnut Ridge – Arkansas

Drive America’s Highways for 79 miles north along US-67 from Searcy to Walnut Ridge in Arkansas

We start the video turning onto US-67 (Future Interstate 57) from AR-36 in Searcy. Driving northeast, we pass through Judsonia before turning east for a few miles at Bald Knob where US-167 and US-64 end their concurrency with US-67..

Turning northeast again after Bald Knob, we pass through Bradford and then cross the White River as we make our way into Newport. Just past Newport, we turn east for a few more miles before resuming a more north-northeast route to Hoxie. At Hoxie, we cross the interchange with US-63 before heading into Walnut Ridge to end the video at the interchange with US-412.




  1. Elizabeth Chap


  2. CarolinaBoi843

    While I enjoyed this entire video, the last few minutes were especially wonderful. Perfect combination of landscape, sky, moon, and music. No place like the South.

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