? Drive America’s Highways for 40 miles south along US-65 from Springfield to Branson in Missouri ?

We start the video entering US-65 from the Chestnut Expy, we drive south along the eastern edge of Springfield, crossing interchanges with several local roads before a large interchange with US-60 near the southeast corner of the city.

Continuing south on US Highway 65, we pass through Ozark (where our previous video started) and Saddlebrooke before crossing an interchange with US-160 near Walnut Shade.

At the interchange with MO-465, we take a brief exit before continuing south towards Branson. Entering Branson, we pass the interchange with Bee Creek Rd, where all the chain stores are and with interchange with MO-248, the Shepherd of the Hills Expy. Turning slightly southwest, we enter the downtown area of Branson where we end the video at the MO-76 Country Blvd interchange.