Ride America’s Highways for 47 miles west along US-64 from Beebe to Conway in Arkansas on a motorcycle, courtesy of our sister site, Adventures on Two Wheels.

We start the video turning onto U.S. Highway 64 from US-67 south in Beebe. Briefly turning north before turning west again, we soon reach El Paso, and the intersection with Arkansas Highway 5. One note, a few miles west of Beebe, US-64 turns into a 2 lane road. However, this will soon change as pretty much the entire way to Vilonia is under active construction as crews widen the road.

Moving on. After a brief stop in El Paso, we continue west towards Vilonia where US-64 divides and bypasses the town to the south, where it intersects AR-107. Merging back to a 5 lane highway west of Vionia, we cross the intersection with AR-36 before reaching the east-side of Conway, where new retail is being built almost daily.

We end the video at the junction with Interstate 40 in Conway.

We would like to thank the riders over at Adventures on Two Wheels for this footage.

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  1. Jessica Miller

    Great Video my friend, thanks for doing this, I enjoyed the ride! I hope You have a great day and much Loveand Blessings for You with safe travels always!