U.S. Highway 191 – Bluff to Blanding – Utah

Drive America’s Highways for 26 miles north along US-191 from Bluff to Blanding, Utah.

We start the video driving into Bluff from the eastern terminus of U.S. Highway 163. Turning north at the intersection with UT-162 (where we were originally planning on driving), we leave Bluff as we climb out of the San Juan valley.

Continuing north, we soon reach the community of White Mesa at the intersection with UT-262. A few miles later, we reach Blanding at the intersection with UT-95 at the Blanding airport. We end the video as US-191 turns right onto Center St in “downtown” Blanding.



  1. Aaron J

    2:19 – best Navajo tacos ever, west side of road
    6:19 – cute little LDS chapel
    8:15 – family farm on east side of road

    • Interstate 411

      ill be sure to get a taco next time im that way 🙂

  2. Mad Godzilla

    No joke. All of middle school and high school this was my bus ride to and from school 😂

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