U.S. Highway 163 – Arizona to Bluff – Utah

Drive America’s Highways for 42 miles east along US-163 from the Arizona to Bluff, Utah.

We start the video entering Utah on U.S. Highway 163 in Oljato-Monument Valley. Travelling generally northeast, we travel through Monument Valley, passing sights such as Eagle Mesa, Brigham’s Tomb, Stagecoach and Sentinel Mesa before reaching Mexican Hat.

Crossing the San Juan River, we soon pass Mexican Hat Rock before reaching UT-261 – one of the few intersections on this route – that takes you out to Goosenecks State Park. Continuing on US-163 we pass Devils Window and what is now known as Forest Gump point before reaching US-191 in Bluff, where we end the video.

Note: We make several stops along this route for photos and sightseeing. We will post some of these photos in the Views from the Road section.



  1. Mário Botelho

    Nice video! I think the southbound is more scenic though, but is a beautiful road to chill.

    • Interstate 411

      I was telling my wife I plan on going back out there soon — on motorcycle and doing that route SB

    • Mário Botelho

      @Interstate 411 And we are here to enjoy the ride with you eheheh

  2. countenanceblog the expat

    And you clinched US 163. Which comes nowhere close to US 63.

  3. Mohamed Ahmed

    What is the reason of stopping every while?

    • Interstate 411


  4. Or Noire2020

    Je passe souvent là quand je voyage pour l'est

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