U.S. Route 129: Tallassee to Deals Gap – Tail of the Dragon – TN/NC

🚙 Drive America’s Highways for 15 miles south along U.S. Route 129 from Tallassee to Deals Gap.

We start the drive along U.S. Route 129 just east of Tallassee at the junction with the Foothills Parkway. Turning south, the ride to Deals Gap is a thrilling and scenic journey that attracts many driving enthusiasts and motorcycle riders. Driving around the north and east side of Chilhowee Lake, the route starts off generally flat as it makes its way around the lake. As the lake takes a bend to the west, the road bends slightly southeast to begin the “Tail of the Dragon.” The Tail of the Dragon is a 11-mile stretch of US-129 that winds through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The road itself is characterized by its tight curves and sharp bends, which demand precision and concentration from drivers. With a total of 318 curves in just 11 miles (18 kilometers), it’s no wonder the Tail of the Dragon has become legendary among driving enthusiasts and motorcyclists. The route’s twists and turns offer an adrenaline-pumping experience, requiring drivers to navigate each curve with skill and caution.

As we approach the border between Tennessee and North Carolina, we pass the Calderwood Dam, which provides an excellent vantage point to admire the surrounding natural beauty. Continuing on, we enter North Carolina, where the Tail of the Dragon comes to an end at Deals Gap, a small mountain community and popular rest stop for travelers. Deals Gap is also known for the Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort, which offers amenities for riders and a gathering place for motorcycle enthusiasts. It’s here that we end the video.

In summary, the drive along U.S. Route 129 – the Tail of the Dragon – from Tallassee to Deals Gap is an exhilarating and picturesque adventure that offers a thrilling experience for driving enthusiasts. With its challenging curves and stunning natural scenery, it’s a journey that combines excitement and beauty, leaving a lasting impression on all who embark on it.

Here are some of the most popular curves along the Tail of the Dragon:

Copperhead Corner
Hog Pen Bend
Wheelie Hell
Sunset Corner
Gravity Cavity


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