U.S. Highway 62: Harrison to Eureka Springs

Drive America’s Highways for 37 miles west along U.S. Highway 62 from Harrison to Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

We start the ride from Harrison to Eureka Springs merging onto U.S. Highway 62 and U.S. Highway 412 from the interchange with U.S. Highway 65 just north of Harrison, Arkansas. Riding generally west, we pass the intersection with Arkansas Highway 392 before entering Alpena. At Alpena, U.S. Highway 412 splits off to the southwest while we continue northwest on US-62. Now travelling generally northwest for the remainder of the video, we leave Alpena and make our way into Green Forest, where we intersect Arkansas Highways 311 and 103.

Leaving Green Forest at the intersection with Arkansas Highway 103 south, we ride 5 miles to Berryville where we pass the intersection with Arkansas Highway 21. Driving through historic downtown Berryville, we soon leave town and enter Pleasant Valley where we intersect Arkansas Highway 143.

As we leave Pleasant Valley, the highway becomes curvier as we climb in altitude. As we enter Eureka Springs approximately 5 miles west of Pleasant Valley, the highway is almost serpentine in its direction of travel. Passing some tourist attractions and hotels along the way, we make our way through the eastern part of Eureka Springs to the junction with Arkansas Highway 23, where we end the video turning north.

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