U.S. Highway 160 – Rueter to Forsyth – Missouri

Drive America’s Highways for 20 miles west along U.S. Highway 160 from Rueter to Forsyth in Missouri.

We start the video at the intersection with Missouri Route 125 just east of Rueter in south-central Missouri. Driving initially north, we soon turn west into Rueter, where MO-125 continues north. Staying on US-160, we twist and wind our way generally northwest to Kissee Mills, where we turn westward at the intersection with Missouri Route 76.

Continuing west on the conjoined US-160 and MO-76, we end the video at a traffic circle (roundabout) in Forsyth where we exit onto Route 76.


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  1. John Beckham

    I think that I prefer U.S. Hwy 60 north of Hwy 160 in Missouri

  2. carlie anne

    why am i watching this

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