Tims Ford State Park to Lynchburg – Tennessee

🚙 Drive America’s Highways north for 9 miles along Chestnut Ridge, Pleasant Hill and Cobb Hollow Road from Tims Ford State Park to Lynchburg

Starting at the intersection of Tims Ford Rd and Mansford Rd (TN-476), we travel north out of the park to the intersection with Chestnut Ridge Road. Continuing north onto Chestnut Ridge Road, we enter Lynchburg as we wind our way through Tennessee countryside, passing an equal number of farms and wooded areas.

5 miles or so later, we reach the Pleasant Hill neighborhood, where we continue north for about a mile and a half as the road becomes Pleasant Hill Rd. At the intersection with Cobb Hollow Rd, we turn left onto Cobb Hollow Road, where we continue northbound for a mile before ending the video at the intersection with Tennessee State Route 55, where we turn south towards downtown Lynchburg.

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