Ohio Route 49 – Clayton to Dayton

Drive America’s Highways for 8.5 miles south along Ohio Route 49 from Clayton to Dayton.

We start the video at the intersection of Hoke Rd and SR-49 in Clayton. Hoke road is the feeder road for traffic coming from Interstate 70. Continuing southeast towards Dayton, we pass through the town of Englewood before turning more south at an interchange in Trotwood with Salem Avenue (old SR-49).

Driving generally south, we cross the western terminus of the Wright Brothers Parkway (Turner Rd) and intersections with Free Pike and Wolf Creek Pike before reaching the intersection with US-35 and Third Street in the Drexel Neighborhood of Dayton, where we end the video.


  1. Logan Goines

    eyy, my backyard

  2. Brad Sully

    My hometown. Things get a little crazy when you're on Salem.

    • Interstate 411

      I grew up off Salem. crazy area! It's sad to see the decline of the area from when I lived there last…Dayton was such a strong city once.

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