Drive America’s Highways for 81 miles east along Interstate 70 from Illinois to Indianapolis, Indiana

Welcome to Indiana! Starting just as we cross the state line, we follow Interstate 70 across the Wabash River and into Terre Haute. A few miles and a construction project later, we are out of Terre Haute and back into the western Indiana timber country. Crossing interchanges with IN-59 and IN-243, we reach the U.S. Highway 231 interchange in Cloverdale before turning more northeast towards Indianapolis.

Moving right along.

From Cloverdale, we cross an interchange with IN-39 before reaching the Indianapolis metro area at the interchange with IN-267 in Plainfield. Entering the metro, we pass the new interchange for the Indianapolis International Airport (they have a whole new airport, with new entrances now) where we continue on I-70 east towards downtown. Passing the on the south side of downtown Indianapolis, we end the video at the junction with Interstate 65 (Chicago, Louisville).

NOTE: This is a republish of an earlier video which we pulled for technical reasons.

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