Interstate 70 – Illinois to Indianapolis – Indiana

Drive America’s Highways for 81 miles east along Interstate 70 from Illinois to Indianapolis, Indiana

Welcome to Indiana! Starting just as we cross the state line, we follow Interstate 70 across the Wabash River and into Terre Haute. A few miles and a construction project later, we are out of Terre Haute and back into the western Indiana timber country. Crossing interchanges with IN-59 and IN-243, we reach the U.S. Highway 231 interchange in Cloverdale before turning more northeast towards Indianapolis.

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Moving right along.

From Cloverdale, we cross an interchange with IN-39 before reaching the Indianapolis metro area at the interchange with IN-267 in Plainfield. Entering the metro, we pass the new interchange for the Indianapolis International Airport (they have a whole new airport, with new entrances now) where we continue on I-70 east towards downtown. Passing the on the south side of downtown Indianapolis, we end the video at the junction with Interstate 65 (Chicago, Louisville).

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NOTE: This is a republish of an earlier video which we pulled for technical reasons.


  1. Jeff Keller

    Nice ride, Thanks for the posting

  2. Milton Callan

    I'm glad I found your channel. When I need to relax, I jump in the car and drive from Los Angeles to Pittsburgh, so watching your videos is the next best thing. Yes, my friends think I'm crazy, too. Your graphics are a nice touch, thank you. By the way, the Waffle House in Plainfield is one of the better locations.

    • Interstate 411

      I'm actually planning on getting Needles to LA and LA to vegas and Vegas to Kingman AZ in the next month. Stay tuned :)And thank you, I appreciate the kind words, and will check out the Plainfield waffle house next time im in the area 🙂

    • Milton Callan

      Looking forward to the Needles-LA-Vegas trip. However, Vegas to Kingman via 93 is probably the most boring drive in the country. Even I avoid it. BTW, the T/A in Kingman has one of the cleanest truck stop rest rooms I've been to. And if you are looking for a fantastic meal for a fair (not cheap) price, try Vic and Anthony's at the Golden Nugget in Vegas.

    • Interstate 411

      Thanks for the headsup. Yeah, I took US-95 from Needles to Vegas and that was horribly boring. I'm still planning the route, most of the way there will be on the old 66, but from needles west, it's new to me.

  3. Ed Krimmer

    Nice drive. Thanks for posting. Suggest though that you move to the right lane when possible. It’s actually posted law in many states (I’ve been cross-country from CA many times).

  4. Darren Krock

    I think INDOT needs to wake up. The welcome sign is an entire mile past the state line.

  5. Jesse Frost

    Boring but still thanks for sharing

  6. Larry Campbell

    Very nice video. We visited Indy this past September and enjoyed it.

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