Interstate 57 – Mt Vernon to Effingham – Illinois

Drive America’s Highways for 68 miles north along Interstate 57 from Mt Vernon to Effingham, Illinois.

We start the video heading north on Interstate 57 just past the interchange with Interstate 64 West on the northwest side of Mount Vernon, Illinois.

Passing an interchange with US-50 near Salem, we turn generally northeast to pass Kinmundy and Farina before turning generally northward again near Watson.

Soon after our northward turn, we merge with Interstate 70 on the southwest side of Effingham, before bypassing the town to the west and north on the now combined Interstate 70 / Interstate 57 (Exit numbers follow I-70‘s routing in Effingham). We end the video on Interstate 70, just past the Interstate 57 north junction east of Effingham.


  1. countenanceblog the expat

    Yet another stretch of 57 that, in spite of being so close to me, I've ever only used once NB and once SB in my life, and that was for a Carbondale to Chicago roadtrip when I lived in Carbondale.

    • Interstate 411

      I visited Carbondale once. Got lost trying to figure out how to get to 57 from Cape Girardeau. Saw lots of Duck hunting stores/blinds/accessories laying around that area.

    • countenanceblog the expat

      The path from Cape to 57 is actually simple: Just follow IL 146. It's the route that takes over for MO 74 on the other side of the Emerson Bridge. In fact, the exit signs for the MO 74 exit off of 55 in Cape have an IL 146 shield on them. You'll eventually get to 57, but you'll have a multiplex with IL 3 and also you'll have to fight the Battles of Jonesboro and Anna.

  2. David Backlin

    Did you stop for an Effinburger?

    • Interstate 411

      nope. I just went straight through on this run.

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