U.S. Highway 441 Northbound in Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Drive America’s Highways for 3.5 miles north along U.S. Highway 441 Northbound in Gatlinburg, from the Sugarlands Visitor Center to the northern city limits.

We start the video driving north on U.S. Highway 441 from the Sugarlands Visitor Center in the Smoky Mountains National Park. Continuing through the Park, we make a brief photo stop before entering Gatlinburg proper on the south side of town.

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In Gatlinburg, we pass numerous shops, attractions, restaurants, and tourist traps before an intersection (and merge) with U.S. Highway 321. Staying left towards Pigeon Forge, we follow the now combined US-441/US-321 to the northern limits of town.

We end the video just before the Gatlinburg Bypass interchange.


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