Interstate 44 – Gascozark to Lebanon – Missouri

Drive America’s Highways for 16 miles west along Interstate 44 from Gascozark to Lebanon, Missouri.

We start the video merging onto I-44 at exit 145. Driving generally west, we continue on Interstate 44 past Hazelgreen and Eden Roadside Park before turning southwest near the Bear Creek Conservation area and Sleeper. A few miles later, we exit the interstate at exit 130 where we end the video turning onto Route 66.


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  1. Milton Callan

    Worst time of the day for a drive. That sun is hard to deal with.

    • Interstate 411

      I keep trying to find a 'content aware' cut like photoshop has within premiere, alas, the only way I can remove the sun is to export the video frame by frame, content-aware remove the sun, then put them all back together.That's too tedious for this lil project 🙂

    • Milton Callan

      @Interstate 411 I wasn't criticizing the video. I was just making a comment that driving is made more difficult with the sun in your face. I typically either stop at dusk (if I have been driving for 20 hours} or I schedule a long meal when the sun gets low in the sky traveling west. I prefer driving in winter when the sunset is faster than in the summer. That way, having a nice dinner right at sunset is time economical and lets me avoid the blasted sun in my eyes.

    • Interstate 411

      @Milton Callan I wasn't trying to be an ass. I've honestly hunted for that feature! And taking road video in the winter is challenging due to the low sun, so I prefer the summer for videos. Yet, for whatever reason, i tend to take the most during the winter months 🙁


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