Interstate 40 West – Knoxville to Lebanon – Tennessee

Drive America’s Highways for 140 miles along Interstate 40 from Knoxville to Lebanon, just east of the Nashville Metro, in Tennessee.

We start the driving leaving the Knoxville Metro — just past the Interstate 140 interchange — heading west. As the video speeds up, we pass the Interstate 75 south interchange before crossing the Clinch River and heading up Mt. Roosevelt to Crossville.

Passing Crossville, we travel generally downhill through Monterey and Cookeville before largely flattening out as we approach Lebanon, where we end the video at the eastern terminus of Interstate 840.

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  1. Jim Brosky

    when was this footage shot?

    • Interstate 411

      Winter 2018

  2. son of God

    Everytime i pass metro i think about that time we swapt seats on i 40 doin 105

  3. AJRvlog

    Almost a wreck @ 11:18!I love middle/east TN. Drove it with my ex and former stepchildren in June of 2018 and 2019 on our way to WNC. Such nostalgia.

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