Interstate 40 – Mile 92 – Mile 72 – Texas

Drive with us approximately 20 miles into Amarillo on Interstate 40 from mile marker 92 to Exit 72B – Grand St in Amarillo.

During our route, Route 66 diverges from the main highway as Interstate 40 Business Loop (Exit 85) and Interstate 40 turns southwest to pass through the rough middle of town.

We also pass by the legendary Big Texas Steak House (exit 75). Normally we don’t advertise for businesses in our videos (yet), but as this is a Route 66 icon (even though Route 66 is a few miles north at this point) and a major tourist trap, so we figured we would include it in the video.

It is, unfortunately, late afternoon as we make our way into Amarillo, so the sun is almost dead ahead. Luckily, Amarillo was a stop-over city for us and we have footage (2 videos down the list) of Interstate 40 East through the western half of town.

Along this route, the interstate overlaps the old Route 66 and at one time was signed as Route 66. We have marked such segments in this and all future videos with appropriate signage during the overlap.


Piano March by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (


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