Interstate 40: Memphis – Tennessee [Revisited]

🚙 Drive America’s Highways for 20 miles along Interstate 40 in Memphis.

We start the drive along Interstate 40 in Memphis at the Arkansas border driving east. At the interchange with Interstate 240, we turn north to stay on I-40 to bypass the denser parts of town. 2 or so miles later, at the junction with U.S. Highway 51, we turn east to continue bypassing Memphis to the north.

Turning southeast at the interchange with TN-19, we drive 3 miles to the east interchange with I-240 where we take the ramp to stay on I-40. Now driving northeast, we continue 6 miles or so to the interchange with U.S. Highway 64, where we end the video turning onto US-64.


  1. j4lambert

    Expanding interstate 35 in Austin is expected to be problematic. If that happens traffic congestion will actually get worse. We are headed for climate catastrophe instead.


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