Interstate 240 North in Memphis – Tennessee

Drive America’s Highways for 5.5 miles along Interstate 240 North in Memphis, Tennessee

Starting at the junction with I-55 / I-69 and I-240 in south Memphis, we drive I-240 north through the heart of Memphis to it’s terminus at Interstate 40 just northeast of downtown.

Along the way, we pass through the Bunker Hill neighborhood, crossing S. Parkway (take this exit to get to Stax Museum) before reaching the heart of Memphis. Passing just to the east of downtown, we cross interchanges with U.S. Highway 78 and US-79 before reaching our destination at I-40 west.

A few notes about this route:

Officially, it is now Interstate 69, however TDOT is in no hurry to update signage so it is still (as of August 2018) signed as I-240. We have posted the same route twice, signed as each. So I-69 Memphis is the same video as this.

There are a few places in this video that the signage indicates we are on I-40. We are not. Our best guess is that the forward arrow that should indicate 40 is ahead was left off because at one point in time, drivers were intelligent….but I digress. There are a few other weird signs on this route as well. Can you spot them all?

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