Interstate 40 – Edgewood to Clines Corners – New Mexico

Drive America’s Highways for 31 miles east along Interstate 40 from Edgewood to Clines Corners in New Mexico

We start the video merging southeast onto Interstate 40 from exit 186 in Edgewood. Continuing southeast we soon reach the town of Moriarty where I-40 makes a turn to the east just before the interchange with NM-41.

Leaving Moriarty, we continue driving the 22 or so miles east through the desert to Clines Corners, passing one of the few NM rest areas along the way.

At Clines Corners, we take the exit for US-285 (exit 218) where we end the video just before we merge onto US-285.



  1. Pat Baker

    Any way I can get off your emails or messages/posts that send me weather/traffic reports? I live in MI and do not plan to travel.

    • Interstate 411


      The only emails we send out are our recent post notifications that are sent the afternoon of the post.

      We do not send any weather/traffic reports. You may want to check the bottom of those emails for unsubscribe information.


  2. Milton Callan

    I love this very relaxing section of 40. But, I wish Clines Corners would have left the larger fudge department. There was a lot more of a selection and I think the fudge tasted better.

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