Interstate 30 – Little Rock to Texarkana – Arkansas

Drive America’s Highways for 129 miles west along Interstate 30 from Little Rock to Texarkana in Arkansas

We start out merging onto Interstate 30 from Interstate 430 on the southwest side of Little Rock. Continuing through the southwest metro, we pass Alexander, Bryant and Benton before turning generally southwest before reaching the interchange with U.S. Highway 70 to Hot Springs.

Entering the timber region of Arkansas, we cross the interchanges with U.S. Highway 270 in Malvern as we continue southwest towards Texarkana. Shortly after Malvern, we come across the Social Hill rest area — one of the rare left-side rest areas out there.

Soon, we reach the interchange with Scenic Arkansas Highway 7 in Caddo Valley where we take a brief fuel stop before passing through the college town of Arkadelphia. Next up, we reach the Hope/Prescott area where you can stop and see where former President Bill Clinton grew up.

Leaving hope, we make the final push into Texarkana, passing Fulton before reaching the new Interstate 49 interchange (look at the control sign 🙂 ) and entering Texarkana proper. We end the video just inside Texas.


  1. Ian Haedicke

    Interstate 30 should be longer than it is right now.

    • Interstate 411

      Indeed. We think it should take over US-67 until Poplar Bluff, MO. Let I-57 end there rather than extending it all the way to LR.

  2. Keith Kmilek

    That’s my favorite stretch of 30….

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