Interstate 30 – Hope to Little Rock – Arkansas

Drive America’s Highways for 99 miles east along Interstate 30 from Hope to Little Rock in Arkansas

We are finally finishing Interstate 30 east after all this time! Join us as we drive Interstate 30 east from Hope, Arkansas — the birthplace of President Bill Clinton, to Little Rock, Arkansas — the first capitol Clinton called home.

We start the video turning east onto Interstate 30 from U.S. Highway 278. Soon after, we cross the interchange with AR-32 before leaving the Hope area towards Little Rock. Crossing U.S. Highway 371 and AR-19 in Prescott, we continue northeast past an interchange with AR-53 and the Gurdon rest area, we reach the college town of Arkadelphia at an interchange with AR-8. Traveling almost due north at this point, we cross a full interchange with Scenic Arkansas Highway 7 (Hot Springs, De Gray Lake, El Dorado) before returning to a northeasterly path as we leave the Arkadelphia area.

Passing a rare rest area in the median near Social Hill, we enter the Malvern area at the interchange with U.S. Highway 270 West (Hot Springs). Years ago, 270 went through Malvern, but has since been re-routed a mile east of this interchange. Speaking of U.S. Highway 270 east (White Hall, Pine Bluff), we cross that interchange and leave the Malvern area a minute or so later.

A long wooded stretch of highway later, we cross the interchange with U.S. 70 west (Hot Springs), which is, at the time of this writing (May 2018) undergoing a massive road works project, so if you are going to Hot Springs, we suggest going down to Malvern and taking U.S. 270 west. But we digress.

Passing the US-70 interchange, we enter the Little Rock metro area in Benton, near the interchange with AR-5 (Hot Springs Village). From this point until the video ends, all the interchanges are local service interchanges. We end the video at the southern terminus of Interstate 430, the western Little Rock bypass.

If you are needing services such as fuel or food or hotels, Benton and Bryant are your two best spots this side of Little Rock. Anywhere past the end of this video starts to get sketchy.


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      Surprisingly, so has Obama and much less importantly, the former FEMA head under Bush post-katrina 🙂

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