U.S. Highway 412 – Tulsa to Siloam Springs – Oklahoma

Drive America’s Highways for 68 miles east along U.S. Highway 412 from Tulsa to Siloam Springs, Arkansas.

We start the video at the interchange of US-412 and Interstate 44 on the northeast side of Tulsa, Oklahoma. As we continue eastward, we cross the interchanges with OK-88 and US-69 before merging onto US-412/Cherokee Turnpike just west of Locust Grove.

Now on a toll road, we soon cross the interchange with OK-82 at Locust Grove. East of this interchange, there are only 2 exits from the parkway — US-59 / OK-10 in Kansas and US-412 Alternate in Rose. Passing Kansas to the south and east, we rejoin US-412 Alternate where the route once again becomes a free route.

We end the video just across the Arkansas border in Siloam Springs, as we turn into the Arkansas Welcome Center.

Drive the old, scenic route on Scenic / Alternate 412:

U.S. Highway 412 Alternate – Locust Grove to Kansas – Oklahoma

1 Comment

  1. Tyler Spalding

    KINX doppler radar visible to the left at 2:23

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