Drive America’s Highways for 42 miles north along Interstate 15 from Primm to Las Vegas, in Nevada.

We start the video entering Nevada from California on Interstate 15. Passing quickly through Primm, we continue north through the desert landscape. We soon come to the interchange with NV-161 where we stay on I-15 north towards Las Vegas.

As we approach Las Vegas, we gradually rise in elevation as we pass west of Sloan Canyon NCA. Cresting the hill, the Las Vegas metro comes into view and we soon reach our first interchange of the metro area with NV-146.

Now in a more urban setting, I-15 widens and the orange barrels come out. Most of I-15 seems to be under some sort of construction, at least on the south side of the Vegas metro, with the worst being at the US-95 interchange. Crossing the Bruce Woodbury Beltway (Interstate 215 / CR-215), we enter Las Vegas proper, with McCaren airport and the Las Vegas Strip to the right.

Entering downtown, we exit Interstate 15 at the US-95 / Interstate 515 interchange, where we end the video.