Historic Route 66

In the autumnย of 2016, we took a 10 day drive to the Southwest USA. ย On the way there, from Oklahoma City to Needles, we spent a good portion of the drive on the Historic Route 66. ย Later, in February of 2017, we completed the Springfield, MO to Oklahoma City stretch and have the Chicago to Springfield stretch planned for the summer of 2017.

The Mother Road, The Main Street of America or just good old Route 66; no matter what you call it, there are tons of sights to see and things to do along its 2450 mile route. ย The original route, from Chicago to Los Angeles was established in 1926, went through 8 states and was a major path for westward migration post-depression.

Decommissioned in 1985, Route 66 has seen a revival of sorts by people with a nostalgic kick, a sense of adventure, and those who want to keep the dreams of yesteryear alive.

Along the route are such gems as the U-DROP-INN cafe in Shamrock, Texas, the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Petrified Forest National Park, Joe and Aggies and The Wigwam Motel in Holbrook Arizona and tons of other places are just waiting for you along the historic Route 66.

So sit back and drive along with us on the Main Street of America. ย We sincerely hope these videos inspire you to go and actually drive the Mother Road — the dozens of local businesses in the small towns the interstate bypassed could use your support. ย Without them, there is no Route 66.

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