Historic Route 66 – McLean – Texas

Drive America’s Highways for 3 miles west along the historic Route 66 in McLean, Texas.

Welcome back to McLean Texas — home of the Devil’s Rope Museum! Like last time, we start the video fresh of I-40 on Route 66 just east of town. We make our way into the center of town and, after passing the aforementioned museum, we stop at the recreated Philips 66 station — the first Phillips Petroleum Company retail outlet built outside Oklahoma at the time — before continuing west out of town.

We end the video merging back on to I-40 just west of McLean.

Note: This video updates our older (darker) drive through McLean, which you can find below:

Historic Route 66 – McLean – Texas


  1. Cabalen Journeys

    Interesting that old US-66 is signed as Business 40 in the map you seen here. I know there was an Arizona Business 40 and it was cosigned with US-66 in Williams, AZ.

    • Interstate 411

      Most of the old 66 is signed as Business 40 in most of the states. MO and IL seem to be the exceptions.

    • Interstate 411

      To be more specific, it's signed as Business 40 in most cities. In the rural areas, it's either a state route (usually 66, like in MO and OK) or a county road (in the case of California).

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