πŸš™ Drive America’s Highways for 10 miles west along the historic mother road in Gallup, New Mexico 🏜️

The video begins with us turning west onto Historic Route 66 from Interstate 40 exit 26 on the eastern edges of Gallup. Driving west on the mother road, paralleling the BNSF rail line to the north (the right of the video), we cross the intersection with NM-564, Boardman Dr, before making a quick pit stop at Walgreens.

Back on the road, we soon pass the historic El Rancho hotel before entering the central business district and the Rex Museum. After a few more intersections, including one with NM-602, we make our way out of town, passing the airport before turning left to merge back onto Interstate 40.

Driving Interstate 40 through Gallup? Check out

Interstate 40 – Mile 47 – Mile 21 – New Mexico

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