Chenal Parkway – Westbound – Little Rock, Arkansas

Drive America’s Highways for 8 miles along Chenal Parkway – Westbound, in Little Rock, Arkansas

We start the video at the western terminus of Interstate 630 as it becomes Financial Center Parkway at Shackleford Rd in west Little Rock. Driving west, we pass several office buildings and hotels before reaching the intersection with Autumn Dr, where Financial Center Parkway becomes Chenal Parkway.

Continuing west on Chenal Parkway, we soon pass the intersections with Bowman Dr and Markham Street before the road splits with the two directions separated by a small park. As the two directions merge at Kanis Rd, we continue on Chenal Parkway as the road turns northwest. We soon cross the intersection with Rahling Road and shortly after, the parkway becomes a two-lane roadway as we descend a hill into a residential area.

Crossing our last signaled intersection at Chenonceau Blvd, we make our way the last half mile or so to the intersection with Arkansas Highway 10Cantrell Rd, where we end the video.


1 Comment

  1. Terry Bane

    I enjoyed the drive. Thanks for bringing me along.

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