? Drive America’s Highways for 14 miles east along Arkansas Highway 74 from Brentwood to Elkins in Arkansas.

We start the video turning east onto Arkansas Highway 74 from U.S. Highway 71 south of Brentwood. Driving east, we pass through the community of Wyola, where AR-74 ends and we continue on CR-43. Google Maps lists CR-43 as AR-74 to Hicks, but this is false, AR-74 ends at Wyola. Moving on, we continue on CR-43 as it turns north towards Hicks.

At Hicks, we pass the intersection with CR-45 as we continue north towards Elkins. At the intersection with CR-57 in Sulphur City, we turn east onto CR-57 to finish the video at the intersection with AR-16, just south of Elkins.


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