Arkansas Highway 5: Benton to Fountain Lake

๐Ÿš™ Drive America’s Highways for 27 miles south along Arkansas Highway 5 from Benton to Fountain Lake

We start the ride from Benton to Fountain Lake merging onto Highway 5 from Interstate 30 in Benton. Riding west on the Interstate 30 frontage road that is Highway 5 for about a mile, we soon turn onto an connector road to Carpenter Street, where we turn right at the intersection with Highway 35. Driving initially north, we leave Benton and turn west just before the intersection with Arkansas Highway 298.

Now riding west, we continue through the community of Kentucky to the intersection with Arkansas Highway 9 at Crows, where we continue on AR-5, passing through the community of Owensville to the East Gate of Hot Springs Village. Turning southwest, we continue along AR-5, passing the Hot Springs Village Balboa Gate. Entering Fountain Lake near the intersection with AR-128 (Lonsdale Cutoff), we stay on highway 5 southwest to the new traffic circle with Arkansas Highway 7, where we end the video turning north on AR-7.


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