Arkansas Highway 363: Atkins to Pottsville

🚙 Drive America’s Highways for 8 miles along Arkansas Highway 363 from Atkins to Pottsville.

An interesting road, this is. We start the ride from Atkins to Pottsville turning onto Arkansas Highway 363 north from AR-105 in Atkins. Winding our way up a mountain around several switchbacks, we soon flatten out and turn west, where highway 363 north ends and becomes a local road (Google Maps will show this as part of AR-363, but it’s not). Continuing west and eventually northwest on Crow Mountain Road, we turn south at the junction with Bowden Cemetery Road.

Reaching the ridge line, the road becomes Highway 363 south as we gently wind our way down the mountain towards Pottsville. So yes, we started on AR-363 North and ended on AR-363 South without changing directions or roads. Entering Pottsville at the junction with Interstate 40, we continue south a few dozen feet to end the video at the junction with U.S. Highway 64 where AR-363 terminates.


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