Arkansas Highway 23 – Pig Trail Scenic Byway – Ozark to Brashears

Drive America’s Highways for 24 miles north along the Pig Trail Scenic Byway – Arkansas Highway 23 – from Ozark to Brashears.

We start the video turning onto the Pig Trail about a block north of Interstate 40 in Ozark. Driving north we soon pass the intersection with AR-352 in White Oak as we start to leave the river valley region and enter the Ozark Plateau. As we climb out of the river valley, we enter the Ozark-St. Francis National Forest where the road becomes twisty and steep as we wind our way north towards the Mulberry River and Cass.

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At Cass, we pass a Job Corps complex before passing the intersection with AR-215 where we continue northbound towards Brashears. Passing through one of the most challenging parts of Arkansas Highway 23, we pass by Mulberry Mountain before taking a brief stop at the one scenic overlook on the route. Leaving the overlook, we wind our way up the rest of the mountain where the road straightens out as it makes its final approach into Brashears, where we end the video at the intersection with Arkansas Highway 16.

Note: This video updates

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  1. Sandra Mccoy

    Beautiful country.

  2. Hayden Davis

    I just found my some old patches in my shed and seen one that said Pis Trail Hwy 23 Arkansas and then looked for a video on it lol

  3. Janos Szlovak

    if there is a motorcycle heaven, then this would be it. I rode this road a few times with my KTM Duke II. Good old times.

    • Interstate 411

      If you like this one, try AR-21 and AR-9 north of Mtn View 🙂

    • Janos Szlovak

      @Interstate 411 I am sure we rode those roads too. Can't recall the numbering, but we did 250-300 Miles a day. It was about 17 years ago, and I live 7 time zones from there. I can assure you, there are no better roads for motorcycles. Well there might be one, I think it is in NC, but can't recall the name of it.

  4. Vickie Lewallen

    Love this even in the car, a motorcycle trip would be awesome..

    • Interstate 411

      Totally! One of my favorite routes to ride. 🙂

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