Arkansas Highway 212 in Star City

Drive America’s Highways for 4 miles east along Arkansas Highway 212 in Star City from Arkansas Highway 530 to Arkansas Highway 114.

We start the video turning east onto AR-212 from future Interstate 530 just northwest of Start City. Driving east through a wooded residential area for a mile or so, we turn southeast at CR-12 towards Star City. Driving through increasingly dense residential areas, we soon turn primarily east to enter Star City, where we end the video at the intersection with AR-114 on the west side of town.

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  1. Mark Smith

    Nice to see that area again. I used to drive from Little Rock down to friends at Monticello Arkansas. Leaving Pine Bluff going south on US 65 to US 425 south down through Star City, in down to Monticello. 425 is very flat until you get to Star City then it becomes gentle rolling most of the way on down to Monticello. Mark in Iowa.

    • Interstate 411

      I have never taken the 'old way' down…always the new AR-530 (future I-530). One day, I will have to get the northern part of 425 just to clinch the entire route

    • Mark Smith

      @Interstate 411 I'm sure it's changed a lot in the last 20 years. US 65 south of Pine Bluff was being turned into a 4 lane divided highway when I last drove there. Just southeast of the city US 425 turns south off of US 65. (now apparently future I 530).

    • Interstate 411

      @Mark Smith no, 425 is still 425. 530 is an entirely new highway they built to connect 530 to future 69 down in monticello. I remember when they widened 425, though, I had a friend who lived down there and it made getting to and fro his house a right nightmare 🙂

    • Mark Smith

      @Interstate 411 Wow. Okay. Yes. My friends house was off if US 425 back north of Monticello. I would turn off at what the locals call "5 mile hill) onto a county blacktop road and drive south about a mile to their home. If you continue down that blacktop you come to a stop sign at highway 35. Turn left onto 35 about a half mile to US 425. It must have really changed since then. I can still see the city limits sign saying Monticello. Population 8998. Mark.

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