Arizona Highway 66 – Seligman to Kingman

Drive America’s Highways for 87 miles west along AZ-66 — formerly Route 66 — from Seligman to Kingman, Arizona. This route contains the famous Burma Shave signs.

We start the video driving west on the mother road out of Seligman, Arizona. Passing the airport, we turn northwest as we head towards Yampai and Peach Springs. Along this section of the route we pass the famous Burma Shave signs, which we have made easier to read in this video.

At Peach Springs, highway 66 turns southwest towards Truxton and Valentine before making one final jaunt northwest at Hackberry. After a brief pit stop at Hackberry, we continue along the old Route 66, turning southwest towards Kingman just a few miles past Hackberry.

During the Hackberry to Kingman stretch, we spot several dust storms crossing the desert on both sides of the highway. We soon pass Hualapai and the Kingman Airport, where we end the video on the northeast side of Kingman at a fuel station.

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  1. Milton Callan

    Beautiful, and thanks for the help with the Burma Shave signs.

    • Interstate 411

      you're welcome

  2. Burghman

    One of the best stretches on all of 66!

    • Interstate 411

      We completely agree! One of our other favorite stretches is in Missouri through the Ozarks.

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