Historic Route 66 – Ash Fork to Seligman – Arizona

Drive America’s Highways for 17 miles west along the historic mother road from Ash Fork to Seligman, Arizona.️

This is a reshoot of our older video of the same segment.

We start the video at the exit to Crookton Road just west of Ash Fork, AZ. Driving generally northwest, the road is pretty straight and uneventful for the first half of the route. About midway, the route encounters some hills and curves to break up the monotony of desert driving. We end the video at the intersection of Route 66 and 40 Business on the east side of Seligman.

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Watch the original video below:

Historic Route 66 – Ash Fork – Seligman – Arizona


  1. Milton Callan

    WOW! Thanks, I see what you mean. I haven't been on this part of Route 66 since 1978 when 40 opened. I drove it many times from Christmas 1972 (in my brand new '73 Mach I) until it just seemed to fade away with 40 being so much faster, and safer since I hit this part of the country every time around 4:00 am. What a wonderful memory! I'll bet there aren't many Burma Shave signs left in the US. I'm gonna have to try this bypass again.

    • Interstate 411

      There are quite a few Burma shave signs, actually. Wait until Monday's post, and you will see a bunch of them 🙂

    • Interstate 411

      Also, wow. that section of I-40 is as old as I am 🙂

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