U.S. Highway 65 – Harrison to Conway – Arkansas

Drive America’s Highways for 105 miles south along US-65 from Harrison to Conway in Arkansas

We start the video turning on to US-65 from US-65 just north of downtown Harrison. Driving around the east side of Harrison, we soon reach the intersection with US-65B as we turn generally south.

Leaving Harrison, we pass through Valley Springs and Western Grove as we approach the Buffalo National River. Crossing the Buffalo, we soon reach the town of Marshall where a quick drive up the Devil’s Backbone takes us out of town and out of the more twisty and elevated portions of the route.

Soon, we reach the town of Leslie where we continue south on US-65. Driving south, we pass through Dennard and Botkinburg before reaching Clinton at an intersection with AR-9 and AR-16. After Clinton, we reach the town of Choctaw and the intersection with AR-9 west. We, of course, continue south where we soon enter Bee Branch at the intersection with AR-92.


Leaving Bee Branch, we pass through the speed trap town of Damascus (there was a court case about this, where the town lost) and Twin Groves as we continue south into Greenbrier. In Greenbrier, we pass through a cadre of stoplights before finally getting to speed back up as we make the final push through Springhill and Pickles Gap to Conway.

We end the video at the interchange with Interstate 40 in northeast Conway.

Want to see this route northbound? Click here



  1. Mark Smith

    Great video! I do not miss that long boring (for me) drive from Harrison down to Conway! Boy do I remember every mile of that! Some has changed since the early 80's when I lived at Fairfield Bay over east of Clinton! Then worked out of Little Rock! Glad to be back in the Heartland! That was a refreshing drive I will say! Always appreciate your channel! Mark in Iowa.

    • Interstate 411

      It's gotten straighter and wider over the years. The driver in me appreciates that. The biker in me hates it 🙂 Growing up, we used to drive to Branson several times over the summer each year, so it's been interesting to see the evolution of this highwayStay tuned, we are headed to Mississippi and the Natchez Trace after a brief Rt66 jaunt through Tulsa.

  2. Laura Love

    Hey hey my home town 🙂

  3. Sassy Frassy

    Ummmm! You were speeding! lol

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