U.S. Highway 425 – Natchez – Mississippi

Drive America’s Highways for 2 miles south along US-425 in Natchez Mississippi.

We start the video turning onto US-425 from Canal Street in southwest Natchez, Mississippi. Driving generally southeast, we pass through a commercial district before reaching the southern terminus of US-425 at US-61 in southeast Natchez. We end the video turning north onto US-61.



  1. Phillip Riggins

    Great video footage, thanks for sharing your video with us. I've got several different videos of the Natchez Trace parkway on my channel. Check them out when you get a chance to. Thanks

    • Interstate 411

      Those post next week :)And I'm going to film it again when I do it again in March — this time in full resolution (the trees kill video on youtube) and actually get the part around Jackson and not take the almost dirt old trace road 🙂

    • Phillip Riggins

      @Interstate 411 Sounds great, looking forward to seeing it

    • Interstate 411

      Have you seen any of the new ones yet? We just reached Tupelo, so there are 3 more Trace videos up to publish.

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