U.S. Highway 41 – Indiana to Interstate 69 – Kentucky

NOTE: This is a remastered version of an older video.

Drive America’s Highways for 9 miles along U.S. Highway 41 from Indiana to Interstate 69 in Henderson, Kentucky

Let’s drive south in Henderson, Kentucky on U.S. Highway 41. We start the route crossing the Kentucky State Line on the north banks of the Ohio River and driving south, crossing the river on the Twin Bridges and entering the town of Henderson. In Henderson, our route continues south, intersecting with U.S. Highway 60 before becoming the former Pennyrile Parkway. Heading out of town on the Pennyrile Parkway, we intersect the western terminus of the Audubon Parkway and the Pennyrile Parkway becomes Interstate 69, where this video ends.


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  1. Lovely Tom

    Just driving a car , just see the scenery in the United States, it is a great feelingAny Expressways in the United States are also beautiful scenery

  2. Lovely Tom

    Thank you ?

  3. David Tosh

    It might be future I-69 bridge over Ohio River between Evansville Indiana and Henderson Kentucky. The construction will begin on the spring of 2019 and should be completed by 2024 on US-41 or to the east of US-41.

    • Interstate 411

      Indeed. I can't wait. I'm paying close attention to this project. AFAIK, they are currently doing ROW acquisition and have chosen their preferred path.

  4. Jason Hsu

    Was this a December video? Given that the sun was to the southwest instead of the west, this couldn't have been that late in the afternoon, perhaps 3 PM. Yet the sun was so low in the sky!At the very least, this was a winter video because the landscape had that dead brown appearance.

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