Drive America’s Highways for 21 miles north along U.S. Highway 177 from Interstate 40 to Warwick, Oklahoma

We start the video turning north onto US-177 from the Interstate 40 exit ramp, just northwest of Shawnee, Oklahoma. Driving northbound, we cross a four way intersection with US-62 near the town of Meeker before entering the community of Rossville.

Continuing north on US-177, we eventually reach the end of the video at an intersection with Oklahoma State Route 66 (former US-66/Historic Route 66) in Warwick.

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  1. countenanceblog the expat

    Life has a way of ironically trolling you.Directly to the left of this very video on my YT wall is a video by Styxhexhenhammer666, real name Tarl Warwick.

  2. Milton Callan

    Beautiful drive! Thank you.

    • Interstate 411

      Thank you! Make sure you check back often — some stunningly beautiful drives are coming soon!

  3. Obese Toussaint

    Hey, you shouldn't be driving this fast. Haven't you ever heard the saying, "Speed Kills"?