U.S. Highway 160 – Tuba City to Kayenta – Arizona

Drive America’s Highways for 82 miles east along US-160 from Tuba City to Kayenta, Arizona

We start the video at the western terminus for US-160 at US-89 in Tuba City. In Tuba City proper, we pass the intersection with AZ-264 as we turn generally northeast towards Kayenta.

We soon pass through the Tonelea community and a few minutes later the intersection with AZ-98. There is a fuel stop at this intersection if you need a quick break. Moving on, we pass by an old Mine before entering Tsegi.

The last few miles of this video are pretty uneventful as we drive into Kayenta. The landscape is pretty flat here, but surrounded by mesas in the distance. We end the video near the intersection with US-163.

Note:  This is a remaster and republish of an earlier video.


  1. countenanceblog the expat

    And so begins a route that will take you to Poplar Bluff, even though it's a little more than 40 miles. You'll also go through the home town of the man who sang that song along with someone else.

    • Interstate 411

      What's more than 40 miles and what song?

    • Interstate 411

      @countenanceblog the expat I just noticed that the east terminus doesn't have an END sign. Rather, at MO C it turns into MO-158, yet, according to the sign salad at that intersection, it continues east. Google also shows that it ends at MO-C, yet officially it ends at US-67 (which MO-C once was). Interesting little tidbit there.

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