Drive America’s Highways for 45 miles east along US Highway 160 from Cortez to Durango, Colorado

We start the video having just turned onto US-160 from US-491 in Cortez. Driving east through town, we pass the intersection with CO-145 and Denny Park, which make up the de facto eastern boundary of town. Leaving Cortez, we soon make a quick stop at Mesa Verde N.P. for a rest and a hike before hopping back in the car towards Durango.

Leaving the national park, we continue east on highway 160 through Mancos and Hesperus, weaving through mountain valleys and passing by some gorgeous foliage (this video was shot in early October 2018). As we descend into the Animas River Valley, we enter the city of Durango, where we end the video at the intersection with US-550.


NOTE: This video is a re-shoot and of four older videos with the same content. We published this one as one piece for those making the entire drive rather than pieces. You can find the older videos at

Cortez to Mesa Verde

Mesa Verde to Mancos

Mancos to Hesperus

Hesperus to Durango


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    Iโ€™ve done that many times in truck and 53โ€™ trailer