U.S. Route 70: Crossville to Rockwood – Tennessee

🚙 Drive America’s Highways for 20 miles east along U.S. 70 from Crossville to Rockwood, Tennessee.

We start the drive from Crossville to Rockwood driving east on U.S. Route 70 from the intersection with U.S. Route 127 in Crossville. Leaving Crossville at the intersection with TN-101, we turn generally southwest towards Crab Orchard, where we pass under Interstate 40 twice on our way to Rockwood. Leaving Crab Orchard, we continue southeast through Ozone and Westel, where we pass the intersection with TN-299. Continuing southeast, we cross Piney Creek to end the video at the intersection with the Mt. Roosevelt Scenic Overlook access road just outside of Rockwood, where we end the video.

🗺 Notable Locations
11:12 Crab Orchard
18:25 Ozone
24:53 Time Zone Change – Welcome to the Eastern Time Zone

Notes about this video: The video itself was taken in 4k — hence the 4k Logo during the intro. However, somehow or another, YouTube decided it was only 1080p. Further, YouTube compression and a dirty windshield all but killed several areas of this video. That being said, this route is on the schedule for a re-shoot next time I’m in the area.


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