U.S. Highway 69 – Overland Park to Fort Scott – Kansas

Drive America’s Highways for 83 miles south along U.S. Highway 69 from Overland Park to Fort Scott, Kansas.

We start the video turning onto US 69 from Interstate 35 in Overland Park. Driving south on U.S. Highway 69, we soon pass the interchange with Interstate 435 as we reach the southern edges of the Kansas City metro area.

Leaving the KC area, we pass through Louisburg, Trading Post and Fulton before arriving in Fort Scott, where we end the video at the intersection with U.S. Highway 54.

This video was produced in collaboration with CrossCounty Travelers. Be sure to check them out at http://crosscountytravelers.com



  1. Transwarp Media

    im surprised there isn't any much needed "special" (insert lenny face here) jokes regarding U.S. Highway 69…..so i got one for it. what happens when you see a RV rocking on the side of U.S. highway 69 and no earthquake is happening? hardcore 69……and im exiting stage right!


    You should drive kansas highway 7 from fort Scott to Oklahoma State line you would go through the towns of farligton Girard bluah Cherokee scammon Columbus where us 69 joins through Columbus and southward to the Oklahoma State line


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