U.S. Highway 64: Waynesboro to Pulaski – Tennessee

🚙 Drive America’s Highways for 46 miles east along U.S. Highway 64 from Waynesboro to Pulaski, Tennessee.

We start the ride from Waynesboro to Pulaski turning east to stay on U.S. Highway 64 at the intersection with Woods Memorial Blvd in Waynesboro. Riding generally east on a 4-lane divided highway, we cross the interchange with the Natchez Trace Parkway just south of the Laurel Hill WMA. Continuing east, we pass the intersection with TN-240 as we enter the community of Deerfield.

A mile or so east of Deerfield, we turn southeast to bypass Lawrenceburg to the south, where we cross U.S. Highway 43 at a controlled interchange. Leaving Lawrenceburg area, we continue east for about 10 miles. Entering Pulaski more or less at the intersection with TN-166, we continue east briefly into town before ending the video at the intersection with college street.


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