U.S. Highway 64: Memphis to Bolivar – Tennessee

🚙 Drive America’s Highways for 45 miles east along U.S. Highway 64 from Memphis to Bolivar in Tennessee.

We start the video heading eastbound on U.S. Highway 64 at the interchange with Interstate 40 in Memphis suburb of Bartlett. Driving through Bartlett and Lakeland, we reach the interchange with interstate 269 where we stay on US 64 to leave the Memphis metro area.

Now a 4-lane divided highway, we pass through exurban Memphis, driving through Hickory Withe and Oakland before reaching Somerville. At Somerville, crossing the intersection with TN-76, we stay on 64 out of town where we turn northeast towards Laconia and Whiteville.

Driving through the south side of Whiteville, we turn southeast at the intersection with TN-100 where we drive roughly 7 miles to Bolivar where we end the video turning into a fuel station on the northwest side of town.


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