U.S. Highway 62 – Berryville to Green Forest – Arkansas

Drive America’s Highways for 8 miles east along U.S. Highway 62 from Berryville to Green Forest, Arkansas

We start the video turning onto U.S. Highway 62 (Trimble Ave) from a retail parking lot on the northwest side of Berryville. Driving southeast, we stay on US-62 as it turns east onto Eureka Avenue to approach downtown Berryville. In downtown, we continue on highway 62 as it turns southeast again onto Main Street as we cross the intersection with AR-21 north. Leaving downtown Berryville, we cross the intersection with AR-21 south as we stay eastbound on US Highway 62.

Continuing east on US-62, we drive for another 5 or so miles to the intersection with AR-103, just west of Green Forest, where we end the video turning south onto 103.


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  1. Terry Bane

    Really enjoyed the ride……looking for another one.

  2. A Google User

    I was in this area back in June 2020. I absolutely love the Ozarks of Arkansas and Missouri, and I love this video! Thanks for posting

  3. Marshmallow Pies

    thank you for uploading this. I grew up in this area and this was so nostalgic to see the roads I remember so clearly in a video. 🙂

    • Interstate 411

      Our pleasure! We will be back in that area shooting other roads in early June. They will probably publish sometime in August or September.

  4. Just D

    Very behind times here.

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